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Qualities that make PJT Couriers stand out from their competitors.

Choosing a courier service provider and terms of service can be quite involving especially if you have to choose the duration of the parcel and the number of costs involved.

The longer you have to wait for the parcel, the cheaper the courier cost. For some people, it may seem quite luxurious to choose a same day courier service. However, it may not be luxury depending on the efficiency of the service that you would get.


This is one of the reasons people choose PJT Couriers. In addition to the fact that they offer 24-hour courier service, they also value cleanliness and everything from our courier vans, staff and handling of cargo are carefully handled.


Don't just guarantee your van is in top scratch, however never turn an occupation down you since you support a lie in, or it is Friday and the football is on.

As one of the 24-hour couriers, PJT couriers ensure that clients do not get their parcels later than that.

Van Care

Keep it immaculate and specially balanced at all times. Some emissary associations will require your van to be a most compelling of 5 years old, much else built up and they may look elsewhere. More prepared vans are still okay, however - basically guarantee they're all around kept up and watched over.


Agree on a worth that depending with the separation when you join to be their errand person-organization supplier. It's not by and large down to cost and it isn't but instead, you can in all likelihood ask for a higher expense in case you can exhibit you'll be better than anything distinctive dispatches on their books.

Customer Service

Always be neighbourly to the action facilitator. Endeavour and be as helpful as could be normal considering the present situation. The same goes when assembling and delivering the cargo. "People buy from people" so if a development coordinator has a choice of 2 dispatch associations to scan will most likely pick you.
If a client wants an urgent courier you would be the most preferred if your customer service is good.

In The Cab

PJT Couriers knows that the cab is their office and they, therefore, ensure that there are enough working pens and pencils, the phone is totally charged, and the Bluetooth is working honestly to goodness, a package of mints and/or gnawing gum.

Same Day Delivery UK


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These are just some of the qualities and when you, as an urgent courier service provider, show them, you will have more customers returning to you. It is for these qualities that have made the PJT Couriers stand out from the rest of its competitors.


We work with a strong focus on assisting companies across the country with prompt and reliable delivery services.

We take our work extremely seriously and provide our customers with complete peace of mind.



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