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We have decided to do something no other courier company is doing to help our client’s businesses grow while taking care of your consignments at the same time.

Free Advertising for Our Customers

If besides a cost effective and reliable courier service, you’re also concerned about marketing and promoting your business. Every courier company promises fast, safe and on-time delivery of your important or valuable consignments, and this is standard practice at PJT Same Day Couriers.

But that’s not all... we’ve decided to do something no other courier company is doing to help our client’s businesses grow while taking care of your consignments at the same time.

As a client of PJT Same Day Couriers, not only can we provide your company personal one-to-one courier services, realistic quotes and professional drivers who are always ready (at short notice) to take care of your courier requirements...

We will actively match potential prospects with the product or service offerings of your company while on collection and delivery rounds throughout the UK!

This is FREE advertising and promotion of your company on an almost daily basis!


How are we able to do this?

If you are currently making use of same day courier services, not only can PJT Same Day Couriers provide you with a very competitive and first class service, if available, we will also collect any marketing or promotional materials of your company.

And match your service or product(s) with potential prospects at our collection and delivery points through-out the UK.

All our drivers are informed who our clients are and what their business functions are in order to actively identify targeted prospects for your business while on collection or delivery rounds.

If a match is identified, our drivers will pass your marketing or promotional materials to the prospect where the collection or delivery is done, while personally recommending the services or product(s) of your company WITHOUT it costing you a penny! Think about it... How much is a new prospect or lead worth to your business?


Will this work for your business?

Absolutely! because it is a proven fact that word of mouth advertising is among the most effective in marketing and as a reputable and well respected company in The UK!...

...a direct and constant recommendation to our existing and NEW clients about the services or product(s) of your company could create a steady flow of NEW leads and prospects for your business automatically!


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