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PJT Same Day Couriers offer a dedicated courier service throughout Brentwood.


PJT Same Day Couriers offer a dedicated courier service throughout Brentwood.


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Drawbacks experienced when shipping during holidays and how PJT takes care of them.

It's extremely normal for a client to call one of the Brentwood couriers during the holiday time and hear unending ringing. Perhaps they get to the following stride and somebody answers the telephone, just to sound as they would prefer not to talk with them or put them on hold. And after that possibly you get somebody who needs to put in a request and it is possible that it's excruciatingly moderate or insufficient points of interest are taken, which causes an issue with pickup or delivery.

Same day and deliveries on demand are amazingly critical to the best and reputable same day couriers in Brentwood during this season of the year. It's simple for us to survey the regular interest, essentially in light of the fact that we've been doing this for more than 30 years.
When you've been in the business this long, you end up feeling comfortable around here.

This season accompanies a wide range of obstacles such as:

  • Unforeseen movement
  • Airline deferrals
  • The stress of taking care of a request.
  • Lack of details from the courier company

The objective during this time (and at whatever time of the year), is to kill the anxiety that accompanies these issues. PJT offices have staffs all around the year all through the nation with customer representatives and dispatchers to handle all needs. They answer the client's calls, welcome them appropriately, and get all essential data to guarantee proper delivery.

These are basic. Also, truth be told, they truly are. Be that as it may, how frequently have you had issues putting a request with a certain courier company? These are simple essentials that ALL of our agents hold fast to. The best part is, these take out potential issues! During this time, the telephones are free and there are consistent requests being put. This doesn't lurch our workplaces since they are all staffed with experienced faculty.

The drivers that taking care of deliveries in the couriers Brentwood are all accomplished to handle every single different kind of requests. They comprehend that every delivery is time-touchy and make an astonishing showing with regards to speaking with the dispatcher, so that the client can have up and coming data. It's so vital to realise what's going on when there is activity, a snowstorm, or only a straightforward hiccup at a pickup or delivery point.

We are open on EVERY occasion and we cherish doing it. We adore addressing the client's needs since we realise that on Christmas and New Year's Day, those deliveries still should be made. On interest, deliveries don't stop for us.

It's the busiest time and that is very okay. The client is occupied as are we. Also, as one of the most reputable couriers in Bentwood, we're glad to deal with any request that comes our direction. That is the excellence of everything.


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